• Photo by Nico

    Private lessons and parties

    Private lessons for individuals or small groups are a great way to strengthen your aerial skills.  Our instructors help build your aerial vocabulary, improve technique, and work on
  • Aerial Classes

    We have an aerial class for everyone! If you’re new to aerial arts, try Beginner Aerial, or Aerial Yoga.  If you have aerial experience, we have advanced beginner, open level,
  • Photo by Andy Dearing

    B.A.D. Repertory

    is a group of our studio members who collaboratively create aerial ensemble work. B.A.D. Repertory students represent our studio’s work throughout the local community
  • Savasana

    Aerial Yoga

    has all the benefits of a mat practice, and some unique benefits of its own.  The support of the hammock allows you to: develop upper body and core strength elongate the spine
In the spotlight

B.A.D. in Auxiliary Magazine

One of the most gratifying things about aerial arts is their versatility.  We get to collaborate with almost everyone: ballerinas, yogis, athletes, rocks climbers, circus