8/26/17 Leonard Oakes Steampunk Festival, Medina, NY

This year you will be welcomed into the Festival by Hala and Lalo, our duo of SteamPunk Stilt Walkers. Once you are in the event you now enter the world of inventors, creators, live artists, authors, chefs, musicians, side show performers, fermentation artists and those who pour the fermentation art!

Our aerial sets will be at approximately 5:30 and 7:30.  
Tickling Your Eardrums: Walrus Junction –> Anonymous Willpower –> Pine Fever!

For Your EyeBalls: Buffalo Aerial Dance –> Troupe Nissa –> Pyromancy –>Arlowe Price

For Your PieHoles: Bad Ash BBQ –> The Great Foodini –> PIZZA AMORE

Tickets can be purchased at https://oakeswinery.ticketspice.com/steampunk-festival-2017

This event often sells out!