9/22/17- Tesla Festival at Lakeward Spirits

Join the Electric Circus for a Victorian-inspired night of creativity and innovation with Buffalo-Niagara Tesla Festival! A multi-disciplinary art party will celebrate the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla in WNY and Buffalo as the world’s first “Electric City”, put on by Martin McGee, Dana Saylor, and Tara Sasiadek in concert with ELAB (who brought you CITY of NIGHT). Tickets are limited, so buy yours now!
Buffalo Niagara Tesla Festival (TeslaFest.org) Presents:

“Nikola Tesla: Electric Circus” Friday, September 22, 2017 6pm-midnight (Autumn Equinox)
Tesla themed extravaganza in a sprawling Old First Ward (near Gene McCarthy’s) turn-of-the-century barrel factory fabulously reimagined as the Lakeward Spirits Distillery and Events Center

• VIP experience from 6-8pm **many surprises in store!**
Art Party from 8pm-midnight
artist Installations, Tesla Coil, projections, live electronic music + DJs, dancers, performance art, poetry and much more! The man himself will arrive in a Tesla at 6:30pm to a red carpet greeting and press conference.

• Regional Tours of Tesla Sites
• Access to Historic Landmarks
• Tesla Car Meetup

Tesla achieved his lifelong dream and the pinnacle of his career in Buffalo Niagara – the birth of the Electric Age! This achievement was a major turning point in world history that still impacts the daily lives of billions of people.
Nikola Tesla’s goal in life, imagined as a young man was to get to Niagara Falls so he could install his AC-powered turbines to capture and distribute power worldwide, a watershed moment in the course of civilization.