Aerial Yoga & Aerial Fitness

are fun ways to get your body moving. Aerial yoga is a flow class incorporating strengthening, stretching, breathing and relaxation.  Aerial yoga is offered every Sunday morning, and is sure to recharge your Sunday.  Aerial fitness is currently offered as a specialty class on Sundays in between our youth sessions.


  • helps you gain upper body & core strengh
  • elongate the spine
  • increases stability in inversions
  • releases weight into the supportive fabric for better mobility
  • taught as an all levels medium-paced flow class; modifications for more or less difficulty are given.


  • prepares you for, or supplements aerial arts training
  • strength building drills using variety of aerial apparatus
    • Examples: TRX styles moves using the silks, holding core and leg strengthener positions on the silks, various pull ups, knee hangs, and muscular balances on the lyras or trapezes.
    • Can be modified to fit your level, i.e. pull-up exercise with your feet still on the foot, lifting as much weight as you’re able to into your arms.
  • Includes flexibility drills to keep those newfound muscles limber

No Prerequisites (other than doctor permission) and No Judgement!