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Buffalo Aerial Dance offers professional aerial performance for corporate events, weddings, and any gathering where you wish to give your guests something unique and memorable. We are fully insured, and have several years of professional performance experience, and love offering high-quality aerial entertainment to audiences in the greater Buffalo Area.

Feature Acts

14680528_1133308676755328_7517078455562446360_nWe offer lively and captivating choreographed acts. Each act is about 5 minutes, and 1-6 acts can be chosen and spaced individually or in sets throughout the duration of your event.

Ambient Aerial

We also do ambient-style performance, which is a slower, more extended display designed to add to the atmosphere of your event. It is perfect for events where guests will enjoy living art as they sip cocktails, mingle, or dine.


We are happy to style our performances to fit with your event.  With an array of music, costuming, lighting, and props, we work with you to enhance the atmosphere of the occasion.

Space Requirements

Typically we use portable rigs, but in some cases we may be able to rig directly from the venue.  We have 2 portable rigs that can be set to a variety of sizes.

The larger rig at full size is 19 feet high, and about 24 x 26 feet at the base.  It can also be used at 15.5 feet high, and 20 x 18 feet at the base. If space is limited and/or ceilings are lower and the smaller rig would probably be a better fit.  It is adjustable from 7 to 11 feet high, and the base length is the same as the height (i.e. 10 feet high, requires 10 x 10 on the ground).

Pricing and Contactwinter-wonderland

The cost varies depending on the length and complexity of the entertainment. Email with Booking Inquiry in the subject line for more information, or to get a quote for your next event.





Here’s a video of our silks performance at the Erie County Botanical Gardens.

Video clips of our Rehearsal at Artpark June 2017