APRIL 8th Alternative Factory: A Dance and Fine Arts Fusion Event

Creating alternatives to reality has long been the domain of art, using the artificial to step out of the current circumstances and step back into them with a different perspective. Let us offer you a few paths in and out of the current state of affairs and touch those forgotten corners of your mind with dynamic dance performance and provocative visual arts. Relish the delights of these artists who all work diligently on Great Arrow Factory’s 3rd floor, and enjoy the opportunity to step into the life of an artist yourself!  This event is ALL AGES; ID’s will be checked for cash bar access, and non-alcoholic beverages will be available as well. This event features FLEXIBLE TICKETING. Purchase tickets online or at the door to whatever sparks your fancy, or take advantage of our PACKAGE DEAL: all three for $20. Purchase the package deal by March 30, and receive a free drink ticket! Purchase Tickets Here 5:30 – Doors open 6:00-9:00 – Arts Reception //included with all tickets Cash bar, appetizer, and artists meet and greet inside the studios of Bruce Adams, Dave

Spring/Summer 2017 Schedule

Check our Class Descriptions to see which class is right for you, and don’t forget about Aerial Yoga and/or Aerial Fitness on Sundays for those wanting to get a little stronger before liftoff. Stay tuned for some workshop series for beginners and intermediate students, and kids programming in July/August. 2017 Schedule April 18-July 16 ADULT CLASSES Tuesday 6:00-7:30 – Level 3 & 4 Trapeze Tuesday 7:30-9:00 – Level 3 & 4 Silks/Rope Wednesday 8:00-9:30 – Level 2 & 3 Lyra/Trapeze Thursday 6:00-7:15 – Level 1 Silks/Trapeze  Thursday 7:30-9:00 – Level 2 & 3 Lyra/Silks Saturday 11:00-12:30 – Level 2 & 3 Silks/Trapeze Saturday 12:45-2:00 – Level 1 Silks/Lyra Sunday 9:30-10:45am – Aerial Yoga Sunday 11:00-12:15am – Level 1 Lyra/Silks Sunday 12:30-1:30 – Aerial Fitness   YOUTH CLASSES Thursday 4:30-5:30 Teen Aerial 13-17 Saturday 9:45-10:45 Kids ages 8-12    OPEN GYM Wednesday 6:00-8:00 Open Gym Friday 9:30-11:30am Open Gym Sunday 1:30-3:00 Open

2016 in Photo Review

2016 brought more of the unexpected than most years.  There were a few unfortunate surprises, but it wasn’t all bad. IHere in the local arts community, things are pretty great! The most memorable parts of the year such as building our aerial knowledge and getting to know new people in the studio is something that doesn’t often get captured on film… ok it’s in our Snapchats, but for the sake of this website, we wanted to share some of our favorite public moments of 2016 at B.A.D. So please enjoy a highlight photo from the events of ’16 : Cirque de La Lune (Buffalo NY), The International Court of Buffalo ICP Ball (Buffalo NY),  Silk Silver & Steel (our own production), Hollywood Happening (Gowanda, NY), Brantfest (Brant, NY), Groton Olde Home Days (Groton, NY), Leonard Oakes Steampunk Festival (Medina, NY), Photoshoot with Auxiliary Magazine (Buffalo, NY), University at Buffalo Homecoming Carnival (Amherst, NY) and the Witches Ball at the Statler (Buffalo, NY).  There were a few others that we didn’t get photographic proof of, but

Aerial Love Sale

Happy February! We’re celebrating with a little something to keep you working on those new year’s goals and keep sharing the love.  From 2/4 – 14 our 6 class pass is on sale for $85 (normally $95) and our 10 class pass is on sale for $135 (normally $150). You can purchase the sale passes below by logging in and using the Purchase tab to select a pass.  You can also buy these passes from the Login tab (returning students), or by clicking a category underneath the Sign Up area of the home page (new

Holiday Class Schedule 12/16-12/31

Here’s to a happy, healthy holiday season for all of our wonderful students and staff, and their families. As instructors head home for the holidays, and as we transition into our 2017 schedule (found here) there will be a few changes to the class schedule.  The schedule from mid-December onward is listed below, days with an * are modified from the usual schedule, days with no asterisk are as usual. *Fri 12/16 – 9:30-11:30am Open Gym 6:15-7:45 Level 2 & 3 Lyra/Rope Technique Edition (Erica) Sat 12/17 – 9:30-10:45 Aerial Yoga 11-12:15 Level 1 & 2 Silks/Trap Sun 12/18 – 9:30-10:45 Aerial Yoga 11-12:15 Level 1 & 2 Silks/Trap 1-3 Open Gym Tue 12/20 – 5:45-7 Aerial Yoga 7:15-8:30 Dance Trap 8-9:15 Level 2 & 3 Silks/Trap *Wed 12/21 – 6:30-8:30 Open Gym Thu 12/22 – Teens, 5:45-7 Level 1 & 2 Silks/Trap 7-8:15 Level 2 & 3 Silks/Lyra *Fri 12/23 -9:30-11:30am Open Gym 6:15-7:45 Level 2&3 Lyra/Rope Holiday Fun Edition (Erica) Sat 12/24 – 9:30-10:45 Aerial Yoga (Erica) 11-12:15 Level 1 & 2 Silks/Trap Sun 12/25

Winter 2017 Schedule

It’s looking like a great new year at B.A.D. We’ve added another kids class, an aerial workout class (Aerial Building Blocks) for those wanting to get a little stronger before liftoff, and lots of exciting apparatus classes. 2017 Schedule Jan – March ADULT CLASSES Tuesday 6:00-7:15 Level 2 & 3 Trapeze Tuesday 7:30-8:45 Level 3 & 4 Silks/Rope Wednesday 8:15-9:30 Level 2 & 3 Silks/Trapeze * Thursday 6:00-7:15 Level 1 & 2 Silks/Trapeze  Thursday 7:30-8:45 Level 2 & 3 Lyra Saturday 11:00-12:15pm Level 1 & 2 Silks/Trapeze ** Sunday 9:30-10:45am Aerial Yoga Sunday 11:00-12:15am Level 1 & 2 Silks/Lyra Sunday 12:30-1:30 Aerial Building Blocks *This class will likely change to level 2&3 Silks/Lyra on the spring schedule **This class will likely change to level 2&3 Silks/Trapeze on the spring schedule   YOUTH CLASSES Thursday 4:30-5:30 Teen Aerial 13-17 Saturday 12:30-1:30 Kids ages 8-12  – STARTS JANUARY 28   OPEN GYM Wednesday 6:00-8:00 Open Gym Friday 9:30-11:30am Open Gym Sunday 1:30-3:00 Open Gym  

Schedule Changes 11/16 – 11/28

Our instructors are heading out own town for training and family gatherings over the next few weeks, so a few classes have been canceled.  Please check the schedule below.  The open gym schedule is below the class schedule.  Our 2017 schedule will be announced soon, along with Black Friday specials! Class Schedule 11/16 – 11/28 11/16 Wednesday 6:00 class – CANCELED 11/17 Thursday 4:30-5:30 Teen Aerial – Anastasia 5:45-7:00 Level 1 & 2 Silks/Trapeze – Anastasia 7:00 Level 2&3 Silks/Lyra – TBD – please RSVP if you plan to come to this class!  11/18 Friday 5:15 Level 1& 2 Lyra – Anastasia 6:15 Level 4& 5 Lyra – Anastasia 6:15 Rope/silks – CANCELED 11/19 Saturday – CLOSED 11/20 Sunday 9:30 Aerial Yoga – Nina 11:00 level 3 & 4 Silks – Nina 11:00 Level 1&2 Silks/Trap – CANCELED 11/22 Tuesday 5:45 Aerial Yoga – Nina 7:15 Dance Trapeze – Nina 8:00 Level 2 & 3 Silks/Trap – CANCELED 11/23 – 11/25 CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING 11/26 Saturday 9:30 Aerial Yoga – Nina 11:00 Level 1

B.A.D. in Auxiliary Magazine

One of the most gratifying things about aerial arts is their versatility.  We get to collaborate with almost everyone: ballerinas, yogis, athletes, rocks climbers, circus folk, musicians, visual artists, and fashion pros.   We are truly lucky to be able to team up with talented people from so many different backgrounds, and last month we had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with some exceptionally talented ladies from Auxiliary Magazine.   It was so much fun to be styled for this shoot, and it’s even more fun seeing the result of everyone’s hard work.  You can get the full issue at                       Styling: Shannon Krampus Hair: Lauren Ashley Makeup: Mallory Stoos Photography: Jennifer Link Models: Erica, Anastasia,

A Glimpse into the Life of an Aerial Instructor

Let’s assume that those of you reading this have been, or at considering becoming one of our students.  We love hearing your experiences at our studio, and thought you’d want to know a little bit about ours. First of all there are four of us: Anastasia, Erica, Larry, and Nina, and one more in training, the lovely Jolene. We’ve all had various careers and life experience outside of the studio, which makes each of our styles unique.  We all first came to aerial out of curiosity, which developed into a serious passion for dancing on apparatus, and teaching was an opportunity that happened to arise from that. I (Erica) first fell in love with aerial arts in Seattle, where I lived throughout the first decade of the 2000s.  When I moved back to Buffalo in 2011, I was quite distressed to find this city lacking in things to dangle from and dance on. After searching high and …not really low… I came to rent some space in the Alt Theatre in 2012. Finally, I could at least practice, although I constantly missed being able to take class with other aerialists.

Aerial Forums July 20-21 at The Alt Theatre *Location Change*

WHAT: Word on the street is that uninformed masses of all sorts are causing world chaos! Don’t be uninformed!!! Join us for these delightful and highly educational aerial open forums. Our instructors will lead a discussion and short slide show, and then we’ll open the floor for you to pick our brains with all of your questions about the mysteries of aerial work. Each day is devoted to one topic, but we’ll try to do a short recap of the other day too. WHERE: Now at The Alt Theatre, 255 Great Arrow Ave (3rd Floor), Buffalo, NY 14207 WHO: Aerialists of all levels, friends of aerialists, and other performance artists are welcome. Kids are also welcome. COST: There is no charge, but donations are greatly appreciated. ($10 suggested donation) PRIZES: If you RSVP, you’ll be entered to win one 60-minute private lesson, and one snazzy pair of leggings, both being raffled each day.  RSVP HERE (scroll to July 20-21 on the calendar).  You must be present to win. AERIAL STYLE FORUM – Wednesday July 20 6pm-7:30pm This amazing woman brought silks to the public
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