Past Performances

4/8/17 Alternative Factory: A Dance and Fine Arts Fusion Event

Creating alternatives to reality has long been the domain of art, using the artificial to step out of the current circumstances and step back into them with a different perspective. Let us offer you a few paths in and out of the current state of affairs and touch those forgotten corners of your mind with dynamic dance performance and provocative visual arts. Relish the delights of these artists who all work diligently on Great Arrow Factory’s 3rd floor, and enjoy the opportunity to step into the life of an artist yourself!  This event is ALL AGES; ID’s will be checked for cash bar access, and non-alcoholic beverages will be available as well. This event features FLEXIBLE TICKETING. Purchase tickets online or at the door to whatever sparks your fancy, or take advantage of our PACKAGE DEAL: all three for $20. Purchase the package deal by March 30, and receive a free drink ticket! Purchase Tickets Here 5:30 – Doors open 6:00-9:00 – Arts Reception //included with all tickets Cash bar, appetizer, and artists meet and greet inside the studios of Bruce Adams, Dave

3/31/17 Taste of Paradise at The Botanical Gardens

The Taste of Paradise celebrates the opening of the spring flower exhibit at the Botanical Gardens.  The venue could not be more beautiful, and we were so grateful to add to the gorgeous scenery.  The photos say it all for this one.  Video coming soon! More info

1/21/17 Imperial Court Ball, Buffalo

We love performing at the Imperial Court Masquerade! The performers and the ICB community are amazing to hang out with, and the costumes never disappoint.  This year’s theme channeled the glamour of Old Hollywood. Photos courtesy of Loop Magazine

10/28/16 The Witches Ball, Statler City Buffalo

This year the Witches Ball kicked up the fancy with a new location in the gorgeous Statler City downtown. The theme was Heavenly Inferno with a heavenly and hellish theme in each room. This event feels like a mini-festival; it is it displays the abundance of local talent in the most wonderfully weird ways. The cup of Buffalove definitely runeth over as homegrown performances and costumes reach a prime level: it is truly a feast for the senses!  Some of our favorite performance from this year included a Phantom of the Opera Medley by Cortney Costanzo, The Alice in Wonderland original dance by the Foxy Diamonds, African drumming and amazing feats of skill by the Slyboots Circus, a fantastically talented magician, burlesque by Femme Noir, and fabulous music by John Ceglia, who was a guest DJ from the original Studio 54 in NYC, Dave Schultz and CO Jones.  Every year, the Witches Ball is a treasure and a treat not to be missed! A big thank you to Shawn Wright and Paul Fanfara of Living in the Buff for the fabulous

9/24/16 The Third Party, Buffalo, NY

For the Third Party, we collaborated with local artists to support Squeeky Wheel media arts center.  It was a pleasure to perform in the  Agway malthouse, full of that industrial majesty and eerie beauty that makes events in Buffalo venues so much fun! The event reflected on the current political climate with debates, a swanky scandal, and faux voting booths. Photos coming

8/27/16 Leonard Oakes Steampunk Festival

The Steampunk Festival delights on all levels: costumes, libations, entertainment.  B.A.D. dancers were decked out in full steampunk attire twirling above the masses on lyra, rope, and trapeze.  The evening set featured lighting and projection that gave an extra magical air to the performance.  Of course, the festival is in celebration of the winery’s release of a new batch of Steampunk

8/20/16 Groton Old Home Days

We’ve performed indoors and outdoors all over WNY, but this was our first show in a circus tent! B.A.D. performed 3 sets of aerial silks and trapeze as a part of the Paul Antonio ensemble in The Circus Variety Show in Groton’s yearly festival.  This circus show was filled with playful top notch acts including clowning, magic tricks, hand balancing and fire

6/19/16 13th Annual Brant Summerfest

Our second annual year at the Annual Brant Summerfest was just as delightful as the first.  The upbeat and easygoing atmosphere of this festival is very family-friendly, which is convenient because it usually falls again on Father’s Day.  Dads and their families love the live bands, games, bounce houses, food vendors and contests, the parade, and aerial

6/4 & 6/5/16 Hollywood Happening – Gowanda, NY

We kicked off our summer by heading out to Gowanda to help celebrate the restoration of the beautiful Hollywood Theater, a cousin to North Tonawanda’s Rivera Theater.  It was a stunning venue to showcase our aerial acts alongside some fabulous flow arts performances by three guest performers from Pyromancy.  Gowanda has some fantastically friendly residents whose cheers helped energize our sets to new levels of excitement.   We loved exploring the motorcycle filled streets, watching the stunt shows, and enjoying the live music as well. You can find more information about the historic

4/1 & 4/2/16 Silk, Silver & Steel, The Alt Theatre

The Alt Theatre, saw the evolution of Silver, Silk, & Steel from the first rehearsals in November 2015 to the beautiful display of glamour and grit on performance day.  We began with inspiration from the materials of the apparatuses themselves, and found a synergy with the silks, trapeze, rope, and lyra — as well as with each other.  With a great collaborative effort from the whole crew, Nina and Erica, led the creation of two longer pieces, focusing on artfully transitioning between the air and the floor. Toni Haugen’s soulful signing and Jordan Cox’s expressive piano and voice arrangements enriched our pieces with live music.  Guest artist Jeannette Oubre, who will tour nationally with Circus Smirkus this summer, performed a stunning solo on corde lisse, and Jolene and Nora Lemke set another B.A.D. first by performing their mother-daughter aerial duet. We are proud and grateful for everyone who came and helped us pack our lovely little theater two nights in a row! Thanks to John Shotwell for the great lighting design, and to Paul Fanara at Living
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