Dress Code

Tight fitting, stretchy clothing is the best.  Frequently, the silks are placed at the backs of the knees, the back of the waist, and under the arms, so we recommend having your armpits covered, as well as your whole torso and your legs at least past the knees.  Leggings and a longer, fitted t-shirt work great.  In warmer weather, some people wear tank tops and/or shorts, but others find contact of the apparatus on the skin uncomfortable.

We do a fair amount of inverting in most aerial classes, so you will want clothing that you feel comfortable inverting in (shirts that won’t lift up overhead, and depending on your comfort level, higher necklines may also be a good idea).

For men we suggest leggings with gym shorts over them, and a t-shirt.

Please do not wear clothing with any sharp metal parts as it can damage the equipment; any sharp jewelry should also be removed.