New Accounts: 

If you were recently added to our system, you’ll need to claim your account by entering the email address used to purchase your pass. 

Returning Students:

Please login, then use the calendar to register for classes using your class pass.  To purchase a new pass, use the “Purchase” tab, which also shows how many classes are remaining on your current pass. 

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ZERO CREDITS: We don’t use automated credit system with this software, so it will show zero credits;  to view how many classes you have, look in the “Purchases” tab of your account. 

CANCELLATION: If you are unable to attend a class, do not click “De-register;” doing so will remove you from the roster, but it will charge you a class credit.  If you know more than 3 hours in advance, email (buffaloaerialdance716@gmail.com) or text (716-432-8074) to cancel and we will not charge you!  Within 3 hours, we are often unable to respond in time;  however, we strive to be understanding in the case of emergency situations. 

EXPIRED PASS: If your pass has expired, you can email us for a one-time extension, determined based on the number of classes remaining. 


Click on the name of a class for more info. Please do not “purchase” any passes with a zeroed out price; they are for internal use only.

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