10/28/16 The Witches Ball, Statler City Buffalo

This year the Witches Ball kicked up the fancy with a new location in the gorgeous Statler City downtown. The theme was Heavenly Inferno with a heavenly and hellish theme in each room.

This event feels like a mini-festival; it is it displays the abundance of local talent in the most wonderfully weird ways. The cup of Buffalove definitely runeth over as homegrown performances and costumes reach a prime level: it is truly a feast for the senses!  Some of our favorite performance from this year included a Phantom of the Opera Medley by Cortney Costanzo, The Alice in Wonderland original dance by the Foxy Diamonds, African drumming and amazing feats of skill by the Slyboots Circus, a fantastically talented magician, burlesque by Femme Noir, and fabulous music by John Ceglia, who was a guest DJ from the original Studio 54 in NYC, Dave Schultz and CO Jones.  Every year, the Witches Ball is a treasure and a treat not to be missed!

A big thank you to Shawn Wright and Paul Fanfara of Living in the Buff for the fabulous photos.