Witches Ball 10/31/15

Larris at Witches Ball

Halloween brought us to The Witches Ball, one of the best parties of the year.  The Hotel Lafayette has just enough historical spook to really set the stage.  The decorations by Terror Technologies and Nickel City Novelties are all out! And of course the costumes are a display of Buffalo creativity on full blast.

We had our rig set up in the back of the Grand Ballroom (right next to the giant clown mouth) and we interspersed our acts with classic Buffalo entertainment happening throughout the night: belly dancers, the Foxy Diamondz, Eye Candy Burlesque, Magic Mike, and Green Jelly, to name a few.  Our set featured a marionette doll (Kenzi), Twisty the Clown (Larris), a unicorn (Erica), a bearded lady (Jolene), a fox (Anastasia), an awesome sci-fi lady (Jenn K) and the universe (Toni).